Blood on the Streets
I am the writer, producer, and director of this feature film.   
I have always had an interest in romantic crime thrillers.   I am thrilled that we can present our film project on this site ... and the possibility that
backers around the world will be able to participate in making this dream ... a reality.  

"Blood on the Streets"  is the story about a mysterious detective, a beautiful woman, and a criminal family in Madrid, Spain who launches a
bloody war when someone crosses over to the other side and commits the ultimate sin of betrayal.  It is an English/Spanish language full-length
feature film that combines action, romance, and suspense.

We have traveled to Spain to scout locations.  We met with actors, talent agencies and production companies.  Spain is known for having a very
well-established film infrastructure as well as their talented cast and crews.  And, it is cheaper to shoot in Spain.  Once we are funded, we will
travel to Spain and begin our preproduction and production schedule.
We have a completed script ...
Completed storyboards (shot for shot) ...
Letter of interest from an award winning director of photography ...
Letters of interest from bilingual Latin American and Spaniard Actors ...
Please feel free to view the actors demos and resumes at ...
Soaring cinematic score ...
We have spoken to several distributors.  They have all expressed interest in the film project.  They have asked us to contact them once we are
funded and we can show them a rough cut of the film.  We plan on having a screening for them.

We have contacted a few US talent agencies.  They are also interested in being involved in the film project.  If we our able to raise our projected
budget, then we can cast a couple of American stars.

What is the synopsis of the film?
Blood on the Streets is the story about a mysterious detective name Curtis Raven who falls in love with Sylvia Buñuel, a beautiful woman with
a secret past. Sylvia is searching for her missing brother David. She hires Curtis to find him, but they come up against a ruthless crime family.  
Franco Scala is the head of the family and will destroy anyone who comes across his path. Franco has escaped from prison and once again
begins his reign of threats and extortion. Franco makes the fatal mistake of getting involved in a love triangle that quickly becomes entangled
into a web of deceit and murder. He’s forced to hide in an abandoned warehouse with a hostage in tow.  Five years ago, Franco had left Curtis
for dead in a dark alley. And now, Curtis has returned to exact his revenge in a fight to the death. But not everything looks as it appears and we
are left with a surprising twist at the end.

Yes.  All of the actors from Latin America and Spain are fully bilingual.
Have you thought about having an English and Spanish version?

Yes.  We are interested in shooting the film English and dubbing the film in Spanish.  Then, we will release both versions in domestic and
international markets.
Have you thought about shooting the film in the US?

Yes, but after making trips to various locations in Spain, meeting with the talented casts and crews, and that it is less expensive ... it makes
sense both financially and logistically ... to shoot the entire film on location in Spain.
Why are you interested in using the thriller genre in the film?

Blood on the Streets will use the thriller genre to explore the romance, passion, the sorrow, and the triumph of a deeply human story that is
common to us all.  Blood on the Streets is intended to offer all of its audiences a portrait of a man who seeks revenge and the other his

Blood on the Streets provides an opportunity to fully explore the story of two different men. One of them wants his revenge over being left for
dead in a dark alley.  The other man is a hardened criminal who will destroy anyone who gets in his way.  There are several women who
become involved with these men and ultimately some of them meet their final fate at the end. Our film provides a fresh and new prospective
on this story … yet the themes of the thriller are still familiar to a universal audience.
What format will you be shooting in?

We will be shooting in Sony HD.
What will be the total running time of the film?

The film should run about 90 to 95 minutes long.
Do you have any other feature film projects that you intend to shoot in Latin America or Spain?
Letter of interest from an award winning sound designer ...
Proposed cast ...

SYLVIA BUÑUEL - Alejandra Meco

FRANCO SCALA - Rodrigo Aragon

MARIA SCALA - Mariu Barcena

LOU CORDOVA - Hector Elizondo

LOLA MONTERA - Myr Garrido

LEON ROSCO - Jorge Booth


DAVID BUÑUEL - Ray A. Torres  
Budget ...
Will you making the film in English?  
My producing partner, Luisa Ibanez Suarez will be co-producing the film.