Hidden Tracks
"Hidden Tracks" is the story of a widow on the edge, whose life turns upside down when she’s forced to sell all of her possessions, including her
house.  A few months later, a businesswoman returns home, only to be murdered in the same house by an unknown assailant. The house is sold
again and a Hispanic family moves in. After a series of mysterious occurrences, they sense that they are not alone.  Their young daughter meets
and befriends the person who dwells within a hidden room. Finally, on a night of terror, the mother struggles to save her daughter from the widow
who wants her little girl for her very own.  
Two Page Treatment:
A car drives up to a gothic house. A woman (thirty) gets out of the car. She begins to reflect. Flashback begins. A woman named Frances
Baumgarden (late thirties) begins to pace back and forth at a train station. A train arrives and she greets her fiancé, Johan Mueller (mid-forties) and
they go back to her apartment. They have a quiet discussion about their upcoming wedding. While she in the kitchen preparing dessert, Johan
nervously looks at some financial papers from his job. Later that evening, Johan gives Frances a gift. She goes to her bedroom. She opens the gift.
She removes her clothes and puts on the sheer white nightgown. Johan walks in and startles her. He wants her now. She begs for him to wait. Johan
does not. Two months later, the phone rings. Frances answers. Johan asks for forgiveness. Frances says that she is pregnant. In a series of
dissolves, they get married, they move into the gothic house, they have a baby. Two years later, the phone rings. Frances answers. Johan has been
arrested for embezzlement. He is not feeling well. Frances leaves with her daughter and they head for the police station. The police escort her to the
hospital. She rushes in. They speak. Johan has a massive heart attack and dies. Fade to black. Fade in. Frances lights a candle in a church. Dream
like sequence begins. They are at a grave site. A priest approaches and prays for her. Frances and her daughter walk away. The little girl’s doll is left
behind. Later, they eat their dinner. Her daughter leaves and runs outside to look for her missing doll. Frances follows. Frances looks and see her
daughter standing on the train tracks. Her shoe is stuck. Frances sees that the train is coming. Frances trips and falls. The train runs through its
victim. Frances begins to sob uncontrollably. Dream sequence ends. Frances blows out the candle. Fade out.

One year later, a car approaches the gothic house. Its new occupant, a businesswoman, Mary Manzoli gets out and enters the house. She throws a
frozen dinner into the microwave. She goes upstairs to change her clothes. She walks out of her room in a bathrobe and head towards the stairs. A
shadowy figure plunges a knife deep into her back. She falls down the stairs and lands on the floor. She is dead. The door downs the hall closes. A
strange and haunting piece of music is heard. The light in the room goes out. A desk lamp is turned on. The shadowy figure begins to write in a
journal. Two years later, a car appears in the distance and pulls up behind a station wagon. A real estate agent, Paula Sanchez, gets out. She greets
her two prospective clients, David and Laura Navarro. Their five year old daughter, Amanda is with them. They take a tour of the gothic house. They
learn a little bit about its history. Two months later, the Navarro’s move in. They have a meal and go to bed. Amanda is visited by her secret friend.
The next day, David and Laura discuss the fact that Amanda is spending a lot of time in her room alone. A week passes. They load the station wagon
for a picnic. They are greeted by a neighbor. Laura is short with her. They go shopping. They go to the park. They eat their lunch. They go back to the
station wagon and head back to the gothic house. The shadowy figure is going through their drawers. They pull up to the driveway. The shadowy
figure is startled and begins to run upstairs. The door opens and they walk inside. They walk into the kitchen. David notices that the back door was
left open. Amanda has been put to bed for her nap. She awakens and begins to speak to the stranger. David suggests that they order a pizza. Laura
goes upstairs to check on Amanda. The bedroom is empty. Laura panics. They search every room. They go downstairs. Then, they hear Amanda
laughing. They go back upstairs and enter her bedroom. Amanda talks about her new doll that her secret friend gave her. They look at each other.
They go downstairs to eat. They put Amanda to bed. Then, they go to bed. They begin to make love. The shadowy figure stands outside their window
and watches them. Later, they heard a noise outside. David investigates. He comes back to their bedroom. They go back to sleep.

They wake up and eat breakfast. They hear a creak in the ceiling. David becomes upset. He leaves for work. Later, David calls Laura. He mentions
that his friend, James Serrano called him. James his wife, Lisa wants to get together. Laura is reluctant. David convinces her that she needs a break.
Amanda’s special friend comes into her friend for another visit. Amanda leaves and visits the hidden room. Laura continues writing. Amanda
continues to visit. Laura decides to take a break and look in on Amanda. She walks upstairs. Amanda is back in her room and playing with her dolls.
The next day, Laura goes to the market. David goes to the bookstore. He is greeted by the owner, “Papi” Flores. David reveals that they moved into
the gothic house. The owner tells about the history of the gothic house and the mystery around the disappearance of Frances Mueller. David goes
home and tells Laura about what he has learned. The shadowy figure is listening and emerges from the darkness of the hidden room. It is Frances
Mueller. The next morning, David notices that the deodorant is missing. The family begins to tease each other. They hug. Later, the Serrano’s arrive
and they all greet each other. Frances begins to rock in her chair. She is agitated. David and Laura take James and Lisa on a tour of the gothic house.
Later, Laura and Lisa are in the kitchen. David and James share a light moment. Dinner is served. Frances slips into the kitchen. She pours poison
into the coffee pot. Later, James drinks another cup of coffee. James and Lisa begin to argue about having a baby. James walks out. Lisa follows.
They forgive each other. James complains about not feeling well. He goes for a walk. After an hour, they become concerned about James. They
leave and find his jacket. They find James in a fetal position. They bring him back to the gothic house. Laura tries to call for help. The line is dead.
Laura checks on Amanda. She is not in her room. Lisa goes back to their car for a first aid kit. Frances comes from behind the car seat and strangles
her with a rope. Laura alerts David that Amanda is missing. They bend down and see that James is no longer breathing. He is dead. David goes
outside to find Lisa. He finds the limp body of Lisa. He turns to go into the house. A truck races towards him. He begins to run down the road. The
truck hits him and he flips over and into the side of the road. Laura senses that something has happened. She goes outside and runs down the road.
She finds David’s lifeless body. She holds it close and begins to cry. Frances walks into Amanda’s room. They talk. Laura pulls herself together. She
gets into the truck and drives back to the gothic house. She notices that Lisa is slumped over in the car. She enters the gothic house. She hears a
strange and haunting music. She goes upstairs and investigates. She finds that the music is coming from inside the closet inside Amanda’s room.
She flashing her light and finds a small button. The panel opens. Frances is in her rocking chair. Amanda is playing with her porcelain doll. They talk.
A fight ensues. Amanda runs out and down the stairs and hides in a closet. Laura escapes and runs to her room. She pulls out a gun. She confronts
Frances. Frances continues to advance. Laura fires. Frances keeps coming. Laura empties her gun into her. Frances hits the railing, flips over and
plunges to her death.

One month later, Laura has placed the last of their belonging into the station wagon. Paula drives up with her new client. Laura confronts her about
Frances. Laura leaves with Amanda. Amanda looks back at the gothic house as they drive away. Twenty five years later, Amanda is signing her book
which is entitled, Hidden Tracks. She is interviewed by a reporter. Flashback ends. Amanda looks at the gothic house. She gets into her car and
drives away. Fade to black.
Beautiful, haunting film score
Completed storyboards (shot for shot) - Scroll down to review five samples
I am the writer of this feature film.   
I have always had an interest in psychological suspense thrillers.   I am thrilled that we can present our film project on this site ... and the
possibility that backers around the world will be able to participate in making this dream ... a reality.  

"Hidden Tracks" is the story about a Hispanic family who moves into their dream house only to find that someone is living within its walls and
doesn’t plan to leave … even if it means killing them.  It is an English language full-length feature film that combines action and suspense.
We have a completed script ...