Photos - Joseph D. Peters
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"Godspell" rehearsal & performance was held inside of a circus tent on the campus of La Salle High School in Pasadena, CA.
"Fame" Rock Theater Show performance at USC School of Theater.  He also created many drawings and paintings at USC and beyond.
Renaissance Productions, Ltd is formed in 1986.  "Seniors and Alcohol Abuse" (1986) was shot in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA and
distributed to every English speaking country around the world.  The documentary becomes a finalist at the 1987 American Film and Video
Festival in New York.
8mm footage is compiled and edited into six different music videos and entitled, "The Peters Family - A Retrospective" (1988).
"Xerox Centerpointe - An Overview" (1989) was shot on location in La Palma, CA.  Voice over was later added in post production.
"Eskimo Ice Cream Shoes" (1990) was shot in Pomona and San Dimas, CA. and distributed worldwide. The film received the Gold Award at
the 1991 Houston International Film Festival.  
"Rachel" (1994) was shot in Pasadena and Glendora, CA and distributed worldwide.  It received the Silver Award at the 1995 Intercom
International Film & Video Festival in Chicago as well as the Bronze Award at the 1995 International Cindy Competition in San Diego, CA.
"Emotions" (1999) was shot in Pasadena and San Dimas, CA.  It received the Gold Award at the 1999 Cindy Awards in San Diego, CA
and a Honorable Mention Award at the 1999 Columbus International Film & Video Festival in Columbus, Ohio.
1997 Commercial demo shoot in Glendora, CA.
"When Autumn Comes" (2003) was shot entirely on location in North Carolina with the participation of the Piedmont Community College
Film School.  The film received a Participation Certificate at the 2003 Columbus International Film and Video Festival in Ohio.
"Mais Que Nada" (1985) music video was shot on Super 8 in Los Angeles, Covina, and Pomona, CA.  While it was being edited in
July of 1985, there was a deep realization that film contains all of the many elements of the arts.  The journey begins.
After making a number of short films, music videos, and one documentary, Renaissance Productions, Ltd. begins to travel to various
Latin American locations.  Over the next several years, RPL begins its preparation of several feature film projects (thrillers with action
and romance) designed for the Latin market.  Our first stop was in Bogota, Colombia.  We scouted locations and enjoyed the hospitality
of the people.
Received La Salle High School Alumni Arts Hall of Fame Award in 1990 for his body of work in art, music, writing, theater, and film.
Our second stop was Mexico City.  We visited several sites including Expo Locaciones Mexico as well as the world famous Sanborn's
Restaurant.  Besides scouting locations, we also met with several production people.
Our next stop was Argentina.  We stayed in Buenos Aires.  Our guides took us to San Telmo, Palermo, and La Boca.  We met with production
people and visited several production houses including
Cámaras y Luces  and Cinecolor.
Prior to our second trip to Argentina, we put together a tango dance sequence called "Silhouette" from our proposed feature film project,
"Tango in the Dark".  Sandor and Parissa choreographed the tango dance.  Due to a tight timeline, we shot 15 takes from four different camera
positions in just under two hours.  We shot using a three chip and a one chip camera.  
Filmlook utilized the Da Vinci system to provide our
finished film product.   
He began to explore other areas of the fine arts.  It began with an introduction to the world of theater.  Acting, singing, and dancing was
executed in the
La Salle High School musical production of "West Side Story".
Our second trip to Argentina took us back to Buenos Aires.  We scouted additional locations for our future feature film projects and met with
local talent agents.  We then flew to Córdoba and traveled through the various landscapes, the Alta Gracia church and courtyard, a clock
tower, and the local train station.
Our third trip to Argentina enabled us to meet with several Argentine actors and actresses that included Andrea Barbieri, Paulo Brunetti, Jimena
La Torre, Eleonora Wexler, and Rodrigo Aragon.  We also had a table read of my script, "Tango in the Dark" and dined on Argentine cuisine and
red wine.  Everyone that we met on our trips to Argentina was very warm and friendly toward us.  
Our most recent film project was a music video entitled, "Decades of the '70's Reunion" (2013).  The music video was created by shooting with a
flip camera, digital photos from the event and archival photos from the 70's yearbooks.  This film was shot entirely on location at
La Salle High
School in Pasadena, California. "No Matter What" is the featured song, performed by Badfinger.
We have developed several feature film projects, over the past few years, designed for the worldwide Latin market.  According to a recent article, the
Hispanic audience is currently being underserved.  The film projects (thrillers with action and romance) that are ready to shoot are
"A Silence
Within", "Tango in the Dark", "Shadow of the Werewolf", "Blood on the Streets", "Silent Storms", and "Tango Rendezvous".  We are also currently
faith based feature film projects for that particular market as well.  
Renaissance Productions, Ltd. wants to thank the talented cast and crews for their tremendous contributions over the years.  Their dedication and
sacrifice helped to produce films that have been both artistically and commercially successful.  The journey continues.
Joseph was born in Montebello, California.  His father of German descent and his mother from Bogotá, Colombia introduced him to
tango music, comic books, and classic films at an early age.  He began writing, drawing, and painting at the age of seven.
We took a fourth trip to Buenos Aires to attend the 2017 Ventana Sur film market.  We had many productive meetings with producers from Latin
America and Spain.  The VS staff was very nice and helpful.