"Shadow of the Werewolf"
I am the writer, producer, and director of this feature film.  
I have always had an interest in the werewolf creature over the years.  I am thrilled that we can present our film project on this site ... and the
possibility that backers around the world will be able to participate in making this dream ... a reality.  

“Shadow of the Werewolf” is a horror thriller and love story about a businessman's seventh son who falls in love with a beautiful and mysterious
woman.  He is doomed once he encounters a wolf in the woods and is transformed into a creature of the night.  It is an English language full-
length feature film that combines gothic horror, romance, and humor.

We have traveled to Buenos Aires to scout locations.  We met with actors, talent agencies and production companies.  Argentina is known for
having a very well-established film infrastructure as well as their talented cast and crews.  And, there is a currently a four to one exchange rate
which provides a bigger bang for the dollar.

Once we are funded, we will travel to Argentina and begin our preproduction and production schedule.
We have a completed script ...
Completed storyboards (shot for shot) ...
Budget ...
Letter of interest from an award winning director of photography ...
Haunting romantic music score ...
We have spoken to several distributors.  They have all expressed interest in the film project.  They have asked us to contact them once we are
funded and we can show them a rough cut of the film.  We plan on having a screening for them.

We have contacted a few US talent agencies.  They are also interested in being involved in the film project.  If we our able to raise our projected
budget, then we can cast a couple of American stars.
Letters of interest from bilingual Latin American and Spaniard Actors ...
Do you have any other feature film projects that you intend to shoot in Latin America or Spain?
Letter of interest from an award winning sound designer ...
Victor Stefani - TBD

Valentina Santori - Alejandra Meco

Antonio Ortega - Rodrigo Aragon

Roberto Stefani - Armand Assante

Professor Hansel - TBD

Sofia Stefani - TBD

Mauricio Santori - Danny Pardo

Jorge Correa - Ray Angel Torres

Sebastian Frenti - Jorge Booth

Elizabeth Ferro - Mariu Barcena
Proposed cast ...
My producing partner, Luisa Ibanez Suarez will be co-producing the film.
What format will you be shooting in?
We will be shooting in Sony HD.
What will be the total running time of the film?
The film should run about 90 to 95 minutes long.

What is the synopsis of the film?

Shadow of the Werewolf is the story of Victor who is a troubled man in search of an identity with a world that is changing around him.  He
rejects his father's ambition to take over the city by destroying people's lives.  He also finds himself at odds with a spoiled fiance who cares
only about a world of wealth and privilege.  He escapes into another world of peace and happiness at a bed and breakfast somewhere on
the outskirts of town.  He meets and falls in love with the beautiful owner, Valentina.  But all is not what it seems.  His fate is predetermined
as he goes into the woods at night.  He is bitten by a wolf, which transforms him into a creature of the night.  The prophesy of the Lobison
has been fulfilled.  His life turns upside down and comes to a climatic ending ... or does it?
Will you making the film in English?  

Yes.  All of the actors from Latin America and Spain are fully bilingual.
Have you thought about having an English and Spanish version?

Yes.  We are interested in shooting the film in English and dubbed in Spanish.  We will release both versions in domestic and
international markets.  
Have you thought about shooting the film in the US?

Yes, but after making several trips to various locations in Argentina, meeting with the talented casts and crews, the fact that the myth of the
Lobison takes place in Argentina, and that the current exchange rate there is four to one ... it makes sense both financially and logistically ...
to shoot the entire film on location in Argentina.
Are there are any tax incentives in Argentina?

Río Negro in southern Argentina has become the first province in the country to introduce a cash rebate for international productions after
local legislators approved an incentives package.  Argentina’s INCAA is expected to announce a nationwide television and streaming
production incentive shortly.  Here is a link ...
Screen International Article
What is the myth of the Lobison?

Lobison is the translated word for Werewolf in Argentina.  The Lobison is usually the seventh son in a fmaily (whereas the seventh daughter is
doomed to be a witch.  When one turns into a hairy creature that resembles both a man and a wolf, the Lobison (a legend greatly influenced by
the Brazilian traditions), wanders in the hills and mountains, feeding mostly upon carrion.  However, if they do come in contact with a human
being, they will instantly attack.  The survivors (men and women) will thenturn into Lobisones themselves, but it is quite rare, because most
people die in the claws and teeth of these ferocious creatures.  It is also said that if a Lobison's saliva sprinkles over a man or a woman, he or
she will eventually turn into a Lobison.

In the early 1900's the legend of the seventh son, it had to be seven boys in a row, no girls in between), transforming himself into a werewolf
was so widespread and believed, that it was causing a lot of children to be abandoned or given away for adoption.  And in some rare cases, the
parents killed thier own son.

Because of this, the president passed a law in the 1920's by which the seventh son of a family automatically received the godfathership from
the president of Argentina.  The government issues hima  gold medal on the day of his baptism, (when the president officially becomes his
godfather), and a scholarship for all of his studies until his 21st birthday.  Supposedly this gesture ended the phenomenon of people
condemning their children for fear of the werewolf.  the law is still in effect, and it is popularly known that the presidents have always attended
at least some of the baptisms, especially during the election season.